Pool Fence Inspection Checklist

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Pool Fence

  • The pool fence separating my pool from my neighbour is at least 1.2 metres high all the way around or at least 1.8 metres high where there is something climbable on the outside of the fence. (example: neighbour’s side)
  • The pool fence is well maintained with no missing, loose or broken posts or rails.
  • All vertical rails and posts on the pool barrier are less than 100 mm apart
  • The space between the pool fence and the ground is less than 100 mm all the way around.
  • The distance between the top and bottom horizontal rails is greater than 900 mm
  • There is NO climbable objects at least 900 mm from the outside of pool fence (example: BBQ, trees, rocks, furniture etc) and 300 mm inside of the pool fence.
  • There is NO direct access door or window to the pool area.
  • Climbable trees are cut back away from pool fence to prevent children climbing over.

Pool Gate

  • The pool gate opens away from the pool area.
  • The gate closes without any force from any position even resting on the gate latch
  • The gate is at least 1.2 metres high and no gaps bigger than 100mm.
  • The gate latch is on the outside 1500 mm from the ground.
  • The gate latch is on the inside 150 mm below top of inside 1200mm rail with a 450 mm shield.
  • If the gate latch is not a magnet latch, there must be a gap of no less than 10 mm between the fence post and the gate.
  • The hinges are non climbable or at least 900 mm apart?
  • Is the gate capable of holding the weight of a small child (25kg) and still function?

Other important information

  • There is a current CPR sign prominently displayed in the pool area
  • The CPR sign is at least 300 mm by 300 mm in size
  • CPR signs available from ABC Pool Fence Inspections
  • Confirm your pool is on the pool safety register. (You can check and register for free)

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